The GoodCar Story

Our mission is simple: we help people buy & sell Good Cars.

GoodCar was born out of neccessity. We've all bought cars, so we understand that shopping for a car is a big deal. Not only is it the second largerst expense in an individual's lifetime - it also transports us to work, keeps our families safe, and shows the world who we are.
And that's what makes car shopping so daunting - you want to be sure you're making a good choice. An average consumer visits 17 (!) websites before even speaking with a dealership or car seller. Endless choices, a sea of data and lack of trustworthy information can make this research and buying proccess feel long and tedious.
That's where GoodCar comes in. We've collected, analyzed and organized all the data so you don't have to. We don't sell cars, but only give information and recommendations, so you can be at ease knowing that we don't have a hidden agenda or conflicting motives. Your complete satisfaction is our success.

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What we value

The core values that inform every decision we make. 






As a team, we’re very serious about not taking things too seriously. That’s because we do our best work when we have fun. We’re a small, close knit group in which everyone focuses on they’re good at, but everyone has a stake in all other parts of company.
No exact matches? We're always on the lookout for exceptional talent.
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